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If you're pregnant and would like midwifery care, then you're in the right place. Expecting a child is an exciting time and we are pleased to offer a province-wide centralized registry system where families seeking midwifery care can request care from midwifery practices in their area and identify preferred practices. 

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Find a Midwife

Expecting a child is an exciting time and we are pleased to offer a province-wide centralized system where individuals seeking midwifery care can request care from their choice of midwifery practices. The Alberta Association of Midwives hosts and maintains the registry but does not arrange for or facilitate care between a potential client and a midwife. Clients are contacted directly by midwifery practices to be accepted into care. 

If you’re pregnant and would like midwifery care, please click the button "Register for a Midwife". If you'd like to find a specific Midwife, or learn more about Alberta's midwives on an individual level, please click the button "Meet the Midwives" to access a complete directory of Alberta's Registered Midwives.

Register for a Midwife                                           Meet the Midwives

We know midwives are in high demand and availability varies across Alberta. Completing a request for care does not guarantee a spot with a midwife since there are not enough midwives to meet the need for care and some areas do not have midwives. However, we encourage all pregnant people in Alberta who are interested in midwifery care to apply even if there are no midwives practicing in their area, as this helps us to demonstrate the need for midwifery care and support future workforce planning.

Do you have questions about completing the "Register for a Midwife" form? Watch our step-by-step YouTube Videos!

Upon completing your midwifery care registration application, you can expect to receive a confirmation email to the address that you specified on the application. This email will contain information allowing you to log back into your application and update your details as needed. Pregnant individuals can be accepted into midwifery care at any time during pregnancy. However, if you have not been accepted into midwifery care by the time you reach 12 weeks of gestation, we advise seeking prenatal care with a physician.

If you are looking for care or have specific questions about the care available to you through a midwife please contact a practice near you. You may find a midwife or a midwifery practice near you by searching our midwife directory or by viewing this map of midwifery practices in Alberta

If you have questions regarding midwifery care in general or the midwifery care registration form please call us at 1-888-316-5457 or email [email protected].