By Midwife

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Arlette Allyjan RM Birth Partnership
Gaelyn Anderson RM Beginnings Midwifery Care
Winnifred Angus RM Prairie Midwives
Jane Baker RM Birth Partnership
Theresa Barrett RM Birth Partnership
Natalie Beauchamp RM Briar Hill Midwives
Carly Beaulieu RM Lucina Midwives
Jenn Bindon RM Prairie Midwives
Barb Bodiguel RM Blessing Way Midwifery
Savanna Boyle RM Briar Hill Midwives
Anne-Marie Brash Aurora Midwifery
Work Phone: (403) 203-5105
Kimberly Brown RM Prairie Midwives
Maura Burns RM Briar Hill Midwives
Luba Butska RM Briar Hill Midwives
Melanie Chevarie RM
Helen Cotter RM Birth Partnership
Heidi Coughlin RM HOPE Midwives
Nicole Dakin RM Birth Partnership
Terri Demers Birth Partnership
Toby Douglas RM Briar Hill Midwives

Contact AAM

Alberta Association of Midwives
5 Richard Way SW
Suite 305
Calgary, AB T3E 7M8
Phone: (403) 450-7858
Fax: (403) 451-9906
Hours: Monday to Friday (8:30am-4:30pm)
Email: [email protected]