Become a Midwife

" as a midwife is about being an ordinary woman who witnesses everyday miracles." - Mary Sommers, More Than a Midwife.

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Become a Midwife

To become a practicing midwife in Alberta, there are a number of different requirements that must be fulfilled. Midwifery is a regulated health profession. Legislation necessitates that all practicing midwives must be registered with, and meet the educational and professional requirements of the College of Midwives of Alberta. To learn more about the routes to registration as a midwife in Alberta please visit the College of Midwives of Alberta website. Registered Midwives may then apply for membership and professional liability insurance with our organization, the Alberta Association of Midwives. Membership and professional liability insurance must be approved before a midwife can legally practice in Alberta.  

The Alberta Association of Midwives is the professional body representing midwives and the practice of midwifery in the province of Alberta. Alberta Registered Midwives, formerly registered midwives, and midwifery students currently enrolled in approved Midwifery Education Programs are eligible to become members. For more information regarding membership please read "Become a Member".