About the AAM

Our Mission

The mission of the Alberta Association of Midwives is to promote the growth of midwifery care in Alberta.

Our Vision  

The vision of the Alberta Association of Midwives is to ensure universal access to quality midwifery care in Alberta, as a viable and valued choice, for Alberta families.

Our Values   

The values of the Alberta Association of Midwives are such that our decision making processes and interactions will reflect:

  • Respect for Diversity
  • Collaborative Culture for further integration of Alberta Registered Midwives into the Alberta health care system
  • Caring for Alberta women and their families
  • Professionalism and Integrity in all our interactions
  • Safe and Sustainable Practice
  • Innovation for the support of normal birth and how we as Registered Midwives deliver on that promise

 Our Key Strategic Goals

The Alberta Association of Midwives’ (AAM’s) work is focused on achieving three key goals:

Goal 1.  

Advocacy:  To increase the professional profile of Registered Midwives in Alberta.

1.1       Position AAM as a leader and influential voice in advancing midwifery in the province.

1.2       Ensure that the AAM speaks with one voice

1.3       Drive awareness and raise the profile and reputation of the AAM – use the right channels, right messages and right timing to advance awareness, understanding, interest and engagement of midwifery in the province.

Goal 2. 

Growth:  To grow Midwifery in Alberta.

2.1       Broaden the AAM’s reach through education, recruitment and development of Midwives as an essential component of maternity services in Alberta.

2.2       Develop a clear, consistent and aligned partnership strategy through the development of positive collaboration with health care providers, provincial and community bodies to increase the support of normal birth and woman-centered care.

Goal 3.  

Sustainability:  To be a healthy, vibrant and financially sustainable organization.

3.1       Increase and expand long-term, stable funding that allows women to choose their care providers.

3.2       Ensure organizational excellence to support growth. Establish a distinct and ownable place in the Alberta health care system.

3.3       Implement a robust performance measurement system.

3.4       Work with the College of Midwives of Alberta to create strong, evidence based policy and procedures for Alberta Midwives.

Telling our Story

The Alberta Association of Midwives is the professional body representing midwives and the practice of midwifery in the province of Alberta. The Alberta Association of Midwives sets the following objectives:

AAM Backgrounder (click to read)

  • To support the practice of the profession of midwifery in Alberta.
  •  To strive for the highest standards of care for those persons who wish to receive the services of a Registered Midwife within the Province of Alberta.
  • To represent and promote the interests of Registered Midwives, with professional, public and political groups and agencies interested in the practice of the profession of midwifery, provincially, federally and internationally.
  • To raise public awareness of the role and function of the profession of midwifery.
  • To provide a framework for communication and support among Registered Midwives.
  • Supports midwifery-centered research and its application to practice.
  • Provides public education and promotes midwifery as an integral part of the Alberta health care system.
  • Provides ongoing peer support to all members, including educational and professional development.
  • Negotiates and provides access to professional liability insurance for midwife members.
  • Is an active member in the Canadian Association of Midwives.

Contact AAM

Alberta Association of Midwives
2632 24th Street SW
Calgary, AB T2T 5H9
Phone: 1-888-316-5457
Hours: Monday to Friday (8:00am-4:00pm)
Website https://www.abmidwives.ca/
Email: [email protected]